Texas Vacation

Well we made it back safe and sound, barely! We survived a shooting and a tornado outbreak. Ok maybe that is exaggerating just a little bit, lol… but those things really did happen. One night someone tried to steal the neighbor’s motorcycle, at least 2 shots were fired. One of the bullet holes was found in the front yard. I was thanking God and who ever else was watching over our family. You hear stories all the time of stray bullets going through windows, so thank God that didn’t happen. Then another night we were under a tornado warning twice, the first time it was not that bad, and the warning expired. Well the second time it was like all hell broke loose. I heard the weather man say and point to where the confirmed tornado was headed, and it was coming DIRECTLY at us. Me being paranoid about tornadoes as it is (I swear I must have died from one in a past life, I dream of them chasing me) made my dad help me clear out the hallway closet just in case. Tornado coming at us and no basement, I was a nervous wreck! Well the storm was getting stronger, and it started hailing (about quarter sized) at the exact moment that the tornado sirens went off. I ran to that closet with my daughter so fast, we stayed there under pillows and a mattress until my dad said it was safe to come out. Thank God again because the tornado did not hit, but I was told it was within 2 miles of the house. After that we had a break for a few hours, but then from 12:45-3:30 in the morning it stormed like CRAZY again. No tornadoes with that round, but the thunder was incredibly loud. Other than thinking we were going to die it was a great trip lol. We got to visit with a lot of family and I got to take a ton of pictures. There were a few bumps in the road that ruined some of our plans (thank you herniated disc & sciatic nerve, and mother nature for the crappy weather most of the time we were there) but we had a good time anyways 🙂

I did get to snag some of my grandma’s and great grandma’s recipes (for food and cleaning) so I will be sharing some of those in the near future. I will also be sharing an amazing recipe for homemade dishwasher detergent that really helps with cloudiness.

I have to admit that I did buy some shampoo and conditioner because I didn’t feel like making more of my shampoo and worrying about it spilling in the suitcase. I bought Floral Cherrynova Natural Nourishing Shampoo and conditioner. It was pretty pricey to me $7.00 for a 12 oz. bottle, but I wanted something without the parabens, etc. Well I absolutely loved the way it smelled, so did my daughter. Sadly that was the only thing I loved about it. The shampoo cleaned our hair just fine but did not leave it shiny like my homemade shampoo. The conditioner was very disappointing too, it left our hair tangled and hard to brush. I could not wait to get home to my homemade shampoo and regular conditioner (Simply U Conditioner, less than $5.00 for 24 oz. at Walmart) My hair is now soft and shiny again 🙂 Speaking of my hair, I got it colored and trimmed while we were there. What do ya think? (This was taken after returning home, notice the shine lol. There are no products in my hair) It came out a little darker and more red than I anticipated but since it was  already processed it soaked up the color a lot more. It will fade a bit over time and hopefully match my roots when they grow out, I am sick of coloring it 🙂

Anyways, I did not forget my promise to share photos of the trip! I am still working on getting back into the swing of things so I am only editing a few at a time here and there. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here! hehe. I will be doing a post soon of just the pictures. Stick around I have lots more to share with you all.

❤ Ashley