Back to Blogging!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see 😀 My life has been pretty much consumed with health issues these past few years and it has been hard to focus on much else besides that and my family. I didn’t want to stop working on my blog but I just didn’t have the energy at all. Even though I have been diagnosed with yet another disease, (one that is very painful and actually pretty rare) with the help of CBD oil I am feeling more like my old self! I’m ready to tackle this again.

There have been many changes, we are a homeschooling family now and my little helpers are getting so big!! We bought our first house, put in a garden, and have been working on the landscaping. I have learned a lot about gardening and plants and would love to share some of that info on here as well. We also have some new furry and feathered family members 😀 Life has been very hard in one way, but very good in others. I am trying hard to stay positive and still feel very, very blessed.

I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things, and I already have some ideas and recipes I can’t wait to share. It’s good to be back! Keep an eye out for new posts coming soon.



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